damn that was cut throat

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We Go Forward.
by Owl Turd.

This comic gave me emotions I didn’t know I had.

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Me: *before I take my first bite*

Mom: is it good?

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Let it be known

on children. CHILDREN.

It amazes me, how many of you DON’T CARE about Syria. You’ll talk social justice day and long, but when it comes to Muslim children being murdered, suddenly y’all are silent. I see not even ANYWHERE near the amount of discussion and information I should be seeing about this GENOCIDE.


Syria is still in need of help, don’t forget.

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everyone is a latent homosexual, ain’t they

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Taylor liked this on Instagram 7/31/14 (x)

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WHERE could taylor POSSIBLY be going where she hasn’t gone before??? like she’s done dubstep:??? she’s done folk?????? she’s done mainstream pop????? she’s done songs with a more punk pop vibe????? she’s DOMINATED country music???? WHERE COULD YOU POSSIBLY BE GOING WITHOUT RAPPING

She actually has done rap too.

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so is taylor gonna debut new songs at the vmas instead of iheart radio because the vmas are sooner?


Well first of all to be Clear when they say “debut” they don’t mean it’ll be the first time we ever hear it, they mean it’ll be the first time we hear it live - they just want to make their own event seem more important lmao, I am 99% sure we’re getting the new single before the VMAs. If so, the VMA performance will be the first time she performs the new single, and probably at iheartradio she’ll play the new single, a few old ones, and POSSIBLY another new one or two, but at that point we may have already gotten a prerelease or two on iTunes so there may not be any 100% new music at iheartradio at all